Welcome to simec engineering

SIMEC Engineering Ltd is an Irish owned company. We are specialist in providing skilled mechanical and electrical trades to support Europe’s growing demand for construction
professionals. We have the network and experience to deliver the personnel required to
complete Europe’s most challenging construction projects.

Some of the sectors we support

Oil & Gas 


Data Centres




Our ability to influence and challenge drives sustainable solutions.


Our pursuit of excellence makes us a world-class service provider to the various sectors we support in Industry.


Our performance-driven culture delivers some of the most challenging mechanical and electrical systems. 



Our individual commitment facilitates our success in supporting world-class contractors.


Our listed values of: Relationships, Quality, Culture, Ethics and Sustainability underpinned by the value of Health & Safety, sets out to describe how we will act and behave towards each other, towards our stakeholders and other interested parties to sustainably achieve our objectives and ultimately our organisation's vision. By understanding, embracing and displaying these values openly and ineverything we do, we shape our organisational culture.

Relationships: We build positive, long-term relationships with our clients, sub-contractors, suppliers and colleagues that are built on trust and respect.

Health & Safety : We are relentless in keeping people safe from harm and we provide a safe work environment.

Quality: We are passionate about excellence and doing our work right the first time.

Culture: We actively build a collaborative work environment where all views are welcomed, openness is encouraged and teamwork and merit are cornerstones.

Ethics: Integrity, honesty and fairness is at the heart of our values.

Sustainability: We improve the quality of the lives of the people in community by respecting their culture and protecting the environment. 

SIMEC Engineering Company Policies

SIM-POL-0001 Health & Safety Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0001 Health & Safety Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 176.55 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0002 Envioronment Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0002 Envioronment Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 172.613 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0003 Code of Conduct.pdf SIM-POL-0003 Code of Conduct.pdf
Size : 170.737 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0006 Drug & Alcohol Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0006 Drug & Alcohol Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 211.064 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0009 Anti-Bullying Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0009 Anti-Bullying Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 178.053 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0011 Noise Control Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0011 Noise Control Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 178.948 Kb
Type : pdf
SIM-POL-0012 PPE Policy Rev0.pdf SIM-POL-0012 PPE Policy Rev0.pdf
Size : 171.965 Kb
Type : pdf

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